Ambassadors – Tweed Coast Guide

Natalie McCauley

“My love for the Tweed started when I was looking for a wedding venue. I wanted somewhere that felt like we and our guests were a world away from home, but in a quiet little beach town (that easily accessed by an airport), and not amongst the hustle and bustle of the city.

After months of searching everything up North, I finally found the Tweed. After visiting Santai Resort and Osteria we instantly fell in love and were married in the beautiful Tweed a year later. Not only was it the perfect location for us, but it was the perfect location for our guests to enjoy a perfect weekend away.

For me, the Tweed is my ‘holiday house’, my go-to for a relaxing weekend and my escape from my busy life. It’s only 30min away from central Gold Coast, but I can’t wait to show you my perfect little pocket of zen. Come along for the ride as I show you all the best places to sleep, dine and play. As a local (and a foodie), believe me, I’ve got your back. Now … where to go for brunnnnch? Let me COUNT the cafeeeees.”

Natalie McCauley
Owner of Autumn Grove Events and Nat’s Healthy Hacks.

Tess Gordon

My husband I had been living in Sydney, and moving around a lot with his football career. He grew up on the Tweed Coast, and has always been our home away from home. We decided 5 years ago to buy some land in Casuarina, and make it our place to settle down with our family once his football career was finished. Mick has a contract now with the Gold Coast Titans, s o now we are finally here, and we are loving it. We recently also bought the coffee shop, Kartel Espresso, in Cabarita Beach.

We love the chilled vibe, the amazing creeks and beaches, and most of all the friendly community. We have two kids, and they love it here and we always feel so safe and relaxed. The Tweed is in my opinion a hidden gem, and I can’t wait to show you all the best parts that it has to offer. Stop by Kartel for a coffee and a chat, and let’s #seethetweed.

Tess Gordon,
Kartel Espresso

Judi Watts

Eight years ago my husband and I were living in the city with a new baby, we visited friends who lived in Casuarina, in one day of visiting we automatically saw a lifestyle that we wanted to create for our young family. We decided we would make a sea change and the Tweed Coast would be our home. We have now lived in the small coastal town of Casuarina for the last eight years, our “city” friends are constantly making the trip down to visit us – it is their home away from home, their mini holiday destination. We live where people holiday! Our family are often out and about on the Tweed Coast, exploring some of the natural beauties that surrounds us, dining at our favourite restaurants, meeting with friends at the local park or going for a bike ride.

Having a family we don’t always want to travel far for our adventures or dining experiences, I love that the Tweed Coast has so much to offer and is constantly evolving. The opportunity our beautiful coast gives to young entrepreneurs to start their own business has been great to watch, we love supporting local businesses, these hustling businesses are an absolute draw card for visitors and locals.

If my friends come down from the city, a typical weekend would be a bike ride to a local cafe to start the morning or a walk along the beach and a quick refreshing dip in the ocean. Through the day we would take a bike ride to either Halcyon House in Cabarita or Taverna in Kingscliff; followed by a casual evening entertaining at home after stocking up on local produce from The Farm and Co. The second day would include an adventure either hiking Mt Warning or Minyon Falls with the kids or a day at the creek spent snorkelling, canoeing or just lounging about. Generally a trip to one of the local food markets is on the cards. For the ultimate girls day, a trip to Halcyon Spa is essential after a session of pilates at Fusion Wellness.

Owner of Hampton Event Hire.

Jade Morley

Ross and I grew up on the Tweed Coast.

After our schooling, we travelled to far away lands and took on adventures in exotic places, somehow, we always new we’d end up, where it all began.

If it’s an early start, which most of the time it is, (3 yo twins and a 5 yo), we’re always on for a coffee ‘buzz’ and there’s plenty of places to choose from.

Our local beaches are some of our favourite places to spend time.

We also really enjoy following bush trails with our young family to find hidden waterfalls that are interwoven throughout this shire.

We both love raising our kids here among the friendly neighbours and welcoming, embracing community spirit.

Home is where the heart is and with a number of great restaurants, pubs, clubs and live music venues all really close by, we feel that this piece of paradise, the tweed coast, where we call home, encapsulates it all.

Honestly, it’s the simple pleasures that attract us.
Friends, Family, long enjoyable days, starry nights and exhausted kids.