Gin or Gym? – Tweed Coast Guide

Gin or Gym?

Gin or gym? That is the question that many ponder come 5pm. But thank goodness for Husk Distillers, now you don’t have to choose, with Ink Gin & Yin classes about to hit the Tweed Coast.

The gin & yin craze has swept yoga studios across the world. After being approached by several local yoga instructors, the Husk team realised there is no better place to run a gin & yin class then on the front lawn of their beautiful rural farm distillery.

As if that wasn’t enticing enough, the team at Husk are claiming this combo is great for our health too, “life is all about balance. Incorporating a playful Ink Gin into a yoga session can reduce stress, increase relaxation and heighten awareness of a new sense – taste.” You don’t have to tell us twice!

The first class, to be run on Thursday 20 February at 4pm, will be led by Chantelle Hiley who seeks to provide playful vinyasa flow through a carefully created playlist.

Spaces are strictly limited, so get in quick!

Classes are $30 per person for a 50-minute class and include an Ink & tonic to sip throughout the class. You can book online here.

Photo credit: Kristy Mason Photography