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Introducing something brand new for gin drinkers

Our good friends over at Husk Distillers have done it again! Starting off 2021 with a new product and another Australian first. The Ink Gin creators proudly present Husk Botanic – a botanical infused rum distilled with tangy grapefruit, fresh lemon myrtle and native strawberry gum leaf, designed to be mixed easily with tonic – yes you read that right, rum mixed with tonic!

As Husk Distillers are Australia’s second biggest craft gin brand and the makers of Australia’s first agricultural rum (meaning they were the first to produce rum directly from pressed sugar cane, instead of fermented juice or cane byproducts, like most other brands) it’s no surprise that they decided to hone their expertise from both areas to create this lovechild product that is sure to have gin and rum drinkers alike, rushing to buy.

Husk Botanic bottle and glass with tonic

Head Distiller Quentin Brival said “Each glass of Botanic and tonic is the result of countless hours farming our sugarcane, 1 year of growing, 4 days of harvesting and crushing, weeks of fermentation, more than 50 hours preparing botanicals, 5 days of distillation, months of resting and blending and days of bottling.”

A lengthy and involved process, that means seasoned G&T drinkers can try something a little different whilst still enjoying botanical flavours mixed with tonic.

To truly appreciate the “paddock to bottle” sentiment Husk Distillery embodies, you can visit their Tumbulgum distillery farm where all the magic happens – open Wednesday-Sunday for tours, tastings, lunch and of course to pick up a bottle of Husk Botanic.

Read more about the Northern NSW distillery here.

Husk Distillery in Northern NSW
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